Weekly Workouts 01/29/18


LesMills Grit Strength – 30 Minutes


4mi tempo run @9:09 average.


6mi tempo run (I could already feel the cold coming on!), average of 9:33.


I intended to go to Bodypump in the afternoon but by the time I was done work I was absolutely physically exhausted. Instead I decided to head home and have a nice hot bath with some eucalyptus Epsom salt and read a book.


Rest – down with the flu, didn’t move much at all. It was a really rough night before. I know I am sick when I cannot drink coffee. However, I really needed some caffeine so I decided to head out to Costco and stock up on all the cold fighting medicine I could find (ibuprofen, Echinacea, turmeric). I also really needed something with caffeine that wasn’t coffee, so I purchased the matcha green tea powder I’ve seen for a while at Costco. Highly recommend it!



Finally I thought I was starting to feel better, so I hit up the gym (it was -30C outside!!). I ran 2.47 miles on the treadmill, average pace of 10:09, followed by a one hour Bodypump class.


Today was supposed to be the long run day  but I didn’t get any sleep the night before due to a nasty cough, so I decided to call it a day and not run! It’s important to let your body have some rest, especially when a cough is involved.

By the time the afternoon rolled around, I was able to force myself to get out and about. The poor puppy needed a long walk after being inside almost all week (it was frigid here, basically -30C the entire week!). Sunday we had some “warm weather” with a high of -15C!

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