Scotland Part 2: Some castles, and an overrated lake


After watching Outlander I was very curious about some of Scotland’s history, so once I picked up my rental car on Sunday morning I wanted to see the Culloden battlefield. While there, I encountered several locals walking their dogs on the grounds. There are some walks you can do around the battlefield. It was really interesting to see where the Jacobite rising came to an end.


There is also a visitor centre that you can pay to go into which explains the significance of the battle. I decided to go for it since I will probably only be here one time but simply seeing the battlefield and some of the plaques of the clans along the way was very informative.

While out and about I also decided to have a look at the castle map that I purchased prior to leaving. There were several castles in the vicinity, so I drove along the Highland Historic Route towards Brodie Castle. It was quite a scenic drive along tiny roadways (make sure you have good insurance of you are not used to driving on the left side of the road!).

At the castle I was able to get a tour with a wonderful guide Elizabeth. She was truly wonderful and had a lot of insight to share about the former owners of the castle. Some of the highlights of the tour included an old library with some books from the 16th century, an immaculate plaster ceiling, and all the portraits of family members. The Brodie clan was at one point one of the most prominent families in Scotland and highly involved in the Jacobite rising. I really would like to go back in the spring sometime to see the garden which hosts over 100 different varieties of daffodils!

The day was just flying by and I wasn’t sure what was on the agenda the following day so I thought it might be a good idea to see Loch Ness in case I wasn’t going to be able to. Well, let me just at that Loch Ness was truly underwhelming! I couldn’t believe that people travel from all over the world to see this Loch. If you are in Scotland there are definitely more scenic Lochs than Ness. I guess it is all because of the mystery of the monster that people are drawn towards Loch Ness. Well, let me report that I didn’t see any lake monsters! I did, however, see a wonderful castle: Urquhart castle along Loch Ness. Unfortunately, I missed the last admission to actually see the ruins but was still able to get some decent pictures from the car park.

At this point I was starting to get rather tired and hungry (horrible combination! hanger is a real thing…) but still had to make my way over to Inverness to check in to the Ardentorrie guest house. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I have never stayed in a guest house before but it is basically a small hotel. In my case, the family lived in the house as well and is happy to always answer any questions and give some advice on what to see, do and where to eat. The room was lovely and came with views of Inverness castle. Sadly, I was out and about so much that I didn’t truly get to enjoy the wonderful castle views! The room was decently sized with it’s own bathroom and breakfast was also included.

And this concludes the second day in Scotland. Please follow me along for some future adventures from Scotland.

xoxo Carrie

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