Workouts Week February 26 – March 4, 2018

Monday: 6:00 a.m. Bodypump  class. I also intended on going to a late evening yoga class because stretching as a runner is so important and I simply don’t do enough of it. However, that idea quickly got replaced with signing a one year lease on a new home! I am beyond excited to live in a new building within Downtown!

Tuesday: 5.63 km Tempo with an average of 5:29. Time 30:50

Wednesday: 6:00 a.m. 30 minute Bodypump class followed by 30 minutes of core. Later that evening I did hills x 4. With a 1.5 km warmup it ended up to 7.84km, average 5:53. Time: 46:11.

Thursday: I had good intentions of going to the gym at 5:30 but decided against it in lieu of having a mental health evening with homemade appetizers and Kombucha. Sometimes we just need those days.

Friday: With the snowstorm that started the night before I knew that I would probably want to run on the treadmill rather than outside. After work I hit the dreadmill for a grueling 8.2 km run, 6:00 average. Time 49:10. On a positive note I got to watch my treadmill only TV show the Netflix original OA. Have you ever watched this show? It is mind blowing!

Saturday: Another fun run on the treadmill. This time, however, I had to cut it short to 7.9 km (instead of 10) because I was attending a bodypump class right after I was done running. (That’s  what you get for chatting away with your mom for too long… oops. I wouldn’t have missed it though). 5:54 average, total time 46:40.

Sunday: Of course my favorite day of the week. At least it usually is because those are the runs when I can actually meet some friends! Sadly, the running paths were partly in poor condition due to ice and snow but I LOVE hanging out with my running buddies. On the agenda was 19 km, I finished 19.16 km in 2:05:22, 6:33 walk adjusted average. Not too shabby.


How was your week of workouts? Did you try anything new? I have started to shower at the gym after my early morning worksout because I don’t have time to go home to do it anymore. Let me tell ya, as someone who is a little bit of a germ freak, this was a huge step for me. I am happy to report that I survived! Haha

3 thoughts on “Workouts Week February 26 – March 4, 2018

  1. Looks like a great week! I had a pretty good week myself–just finished it off today with a good temp run. I think it’s becoming my favorite workout–such a great challenge!
    Hope you have another great week coming up!


      1. Yeah I guess I am not training for a specific race–although I am signed up for a couple. Just trying to improve speed and build up strength and overall fitness. Thanks, and take care!


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