My New Years Resolution for 2019



I have been thinking a lot about what could be different this year and there are a lot of things that have already changed throughout the last few months which make it difficult to set resolutions for this year. After careful consideration I have picked a few things that I think are realistic for this year.


  1. Become a faster runner

This one should be obvious. Why have I been an average runner throughout my running “career”?

Well friends, this one didn’t take me long to figure out. I was lacking strict training and determination. When I started taking running seriously it was as a means to maintain a healthy weight (and my sanity) while living in the middle of nowhere in Canada. I have been running fairly consistently since 2010, increased mileage significantly in 2012 and would say that I ran almost daily since summer 2012. Yet, I have never raced until 3 years later in summer of 2015.

I think an essential part of racing is to set goals, for this year it is the Edinburgh Marathon in May 2019. I have started following a Timex 3:30 marathon plan this week, and we will see how it goes. I am not saying nor thinking that a 3:30 marathon is realistic for the end of May, however, I am determined to dream big and currently have a lot of time to train.


(Hike in Loch Lomond, Scotland, 2018)

2. Travel more

I absolutely love travelling but with limited holiday time available and pricey flights from North America it was almost impossible to explore the world and live the lifestyle that I wanted to live. As a result I made the difficult decision to explore a location change and while things are not 100% under wraps yet I am happier now than I have ever been before.

Some of the places that I currently have my eyes set on are: Malaga, Denmark, Scotland, Germany.


3. Stress Less

I come from a family where stress has always been a huge part of everyday life. My family takes small issues and turns them into something huge. I can certainly see that I have unconsciously adapted that way of thinking and it had become part of my everyday life. In my opinion life is too short to be stressed or unhappy, which is why I want to change the way I view problems that arise and how I deal with them. How exactly I am going to do this, I am not sure yet. If you have any recommendations, please send them my way!


4. Eat Less SUGAR

Sugar is as addictive as cocaine. I can definitely see why. Maybe it is partly due to my running but I am constantly craving sugar and once I have a taste of sweet, starchy carbs, I cannot stop myself. So as a result I want to limit my sugar intake for this year and see how it affects my mood, running and health.


While this list could certainly be longer, I want to keep it short and sweet to make these goals attainable. Let’s make 2019 ( I totally typed 2018!! -Ooops!) our best year yet.


Question of the day:


What are your goals/ new years resolutions/ good intentions for 2019?

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