The Races for 2019 so far

Hi frunners!

I wanted to briefly check in with you and give you an update on some of the races that I have finally decided to sign up for. For the most part I take these races seriously. However, there is one small event I am actually quite excited about.

Check them out below (none of the links are affiliated).


Stirling Marathon – April 28, Stirling

I first stumbled upon Stirling when I visited Glasgow and was looking for a castle nearby. Stirling certainly did not disappoint in this department. Naturally, when I heard there was a marathon I had to try it out. Unfortunately, I don’t know a lot about the course elevation but from what I remember when I visited the area it should be relatively flat and scenic. Can’t wait for it.


(Edinburgh Castle from Grassmarket)

Edinburgh Marathon – May 25/26, Edinburgh

Ever since I have been to Edinburgh I thought about how incredible it would be to race here. After my amazing Marathon experience in Calgary I was still high on endorphins and signed up for this as a gift to myself. I certainly wouldn’t have thought that a year later (2019) I am looking for places to live in Scotland. I imagine the course to be challenging as Edinburgh is quite hilly, yet the elevation profile on their site indicates that it’s mostly downhill with a few smaller ups. This is definitely going to be the largest event I will be running this year and can’t wait for the atmosphere.


Pizza Run 5 k – June 2, Glasgow

2 slices of pizza after running 5 k? Sign me up. A friend of mine suggested this race and I almost signed up for the 10 k until I saw the date. Phew, saved myself from a lot of pain and disappointment there, it is the weekend after Edinburgh (where I am planning on going HARD). I have heard of hot chocolate or donut runs before, yet never participated in any of these shorter events. I will report back how it was!


Aberdeen Half Marathon – August 25, Aberdeen

Aberdeen is one of my favourite Scottish cities. When I visited last summer I immediately felt at home. Maybe it is due to its proximity to the sea or the fact that I saw dolphins swimming in the harbour? It’s a lovely place to visit and I am thrilled to race in this event. Cannot wait to have a rowie afterwards (look it up, its artery clogging deliciousness).


Great Scottish Run – September 29, Glasgow

Is anyone else surprised that Glasgow does not have a marathon? I heard they used to have a marathon, hopefully they will bring it back given how popular the distance has become. The nice thing about this event it is held in my future hometown (I’m flat hunting again next week, any recommendations for letting agencies, send them my way).


(Somewhere around Loch Ness, I think this is Urquhart castle)

Loch Ness – October 6, Inverness

I was searching frantically for an event to finish off the marathon season 2019 and stumbled upon this event or Fort William. Sadly the Fort Willy website was down, so I decided to sign up for Loch Ness. Inverness is an absolutely magnificent city and I am looking forward to exploring the area a little bit more. And who knows? I might be able to spot Nessie?


I will make sure to report back with recaps of all these events once they have happened. So far I am focused on training hard and it has been going well for the most part. I took two days off last week (Friday and Saturday – although I did walk over 30k steps on Friday so while I might not have been running I was not inactive) and now my shins are really sore 24/7. I had shin splints before and I don’t think that’s it, it’s more like a muscle soreness that I don’t feel when running but doing literally everything else. HELP!


What is on your race calendar for this year? 


Have you done any of the races above? Any tips or advice?



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