Friday Favorites: Feb 23/2018

Here is another round of my favorites from this last week. Without much ado let's just right into it! Spending quality time with my mom As you might have figured out by now, I reside in the blissfully cold Canadian city Calgary. However, all of my family is actually in Germany. So as you can … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Feb 23/2018

Friday Favorites 02/16/2018

Sorry for not checking in with you guys for a week but I am currently travelling through the Scottish countryside. It is absolutely magnificent, a full post (or two) about my experience will follow shortly. For new let's show you some of my Scottish Highlights: Taking the Caledonian Sleeper to Inverness: The best option for … Continue reading Friday Favorites 02/16/2018

Travelling to Scotland – Looking for Recommendations?

I cannot believe that I will be in one of the most beautiful countries at this time next week. Ever since I first set foot in Edinburgh I fell in love with the Scottish countryside, people, and yes- the food! This year's trip is going to take me to different places around the country: Inverness, … Continue reading Travelling to Scotland – Looking for Recommendations?